Are All North Face Jackets Waterproof?

Which North Face Jackets are Waterproof?

So, you’re looking for a North Face Jacket, we know that already.

Are they all Waterproof? The Answer is no, not all north face jackets are waterproof, some of them are filled with duck down, and are meant more for fashion & insulation purposes, rather than being fully 100% waterproof.

In this article we will check out some of the best non-waterproof and waterproof jackets available on the market today by the guys at North Face, and which one you should probably invest your money in.

Are all North Face Jackets Waterproof? Lets find out..

North Face Jackets – Buyer’s Guide

With all major outdoor brands, you’ll get different types of products, whether they have waterproof membranes or not, and it’s important to know what to look for before you go and buy a product that you later end up regretting buying!

Below is a quick guide to help you out; here is what you should look for before purchasing a jacket from this brand.

Waterproof Membranes

To answer this article quite simply, not all Northface Jackets will have waterproof membranes. But for the ones that do, what should you look for?

Some of their best jackets feature their patented DryVent® Technology, which utilises a polyurethane (PU) coating that consists of 3 layers, leading to robust waterproof protection. A great example is their Mens Venture 2 Jacket:

Softshell v Hardshell Waterproof Jackets

This is an important factor to consider not just with Northface Jackets but waterproof jackets in general. In essence, Softshell Jackets are lighter & more plyable, and typically use polyester and nylon materials, they can be packed or folded away more conveniently.

Hardshell Jackets on the other hand are tougher overall, more rigid type of jackets that are more rugged and can withstand more damage than a softshell jacket. This is important to consider, especially if you’re hiking through brambles, thorns and other prickly foliage on your hikes! A good example is their Tri-Climate Arrowood Hooded Jacket.


Northface are known for having some pretty pricy products, and of course, their jackets are no different.

For example, their Nuptse Jacket, which is one of their largest jackets, isn’t actually waterproof, yet it retails at a whopping $279.

If you’re looking for a Waterproof Jacket, then you should be looking for one in the $99-150 price range. After this, their jackets tend to be more like the Nuptse, well made & warm, but unfortunately not all of them over the $200 price bracket are waterproof.

Best North Face Jackets for Winter – Reviews

Here are a few of our absolute favourite North Face Jackets, including those that are Waterproof and a couple of others which are fantastic for heat insulation, style & function.

The North Face Men’s Resolve Waterproof Jacket

This is one of North Face’s finest examples; The North Face Mens Resolve Jacket comes with a waterproof shell with a stowable hood, which is super handy in weather that can change suddenly. You have the piece of mind that you’re protected from the rain, but also wont be bogged down with a gigantic jacket that saps your energy with every move!


The Resolve Jacket comes bundled with north face’s patented DryVent fabric technology, which will keep you super dry during those rainy hikes!

It’s also very lightweight and comes with a breathable mesh lining; which will prevent overheating while still keeping you nimble and dry in those winter months.

The resolve jacket also comes with secure zips so you can lock away all your precious belongings while hiking without fear of losing anything.

Overall, it’s a top performing jacket and for the price of $89.95 you seriously cannot complain! It’s a powerhouse of a waterproof jacket.


  • Durable, Water Repellant Finish
  • Stowable Hood
  • Secure Storage

  • Reviews criticise warmth
  • Sizes can run a little big

The North Face Men’s Millerton Jacket

This is yet another fantastic waterproof jacket, the North Face Millerton Jacket. It uses their PU-coated DryVent shell technology with sealed seams to create a truly all-weather waterproof jacket.

It has adjustable cuffs and features a hem cinch-cord, which allows you to close yourself off to the wind and rain. It also comes with zipped pockets which are plenty deep to ensure you always have space for your belongings.


At a price of $118.95 it’s not the cheapest Waterproof Jacket out there, but along with the North Face Resolve Jacket, the Millerton Jacket performs well under the tough elements, and for a jacket like this, it’s also surprisingly lightweight at 499g.


  • Uses DryVent™ Technology
  • Has a Durable, Water Repellant Finish
  • Some Cool Designs

  • Not the Cheapest Jacket out there

The North Face Men’s McMurdo Jacket

The McMurdo Jacket by Northface is one of their bestsellers and for good reason.

North Face have developed this parka jacket for those wishing for both style and performance from a waterproof jacket. It comes with their patented DryVent technology with a down fill; meaning that you get both a super warm jacket and full waterproof protection at the same time; its a beast of a jacket!

The Jacket is also environmentally friendly as it’s made from recycled Nylon, which is a great feature moving forward in the field of textiles. North Face are truely innovators of these type of products.

It comes with Two zipped chest pockets and an inner chest pocket, which is perfect for storing away your precious belongings, protecting them from the elements.


  • Uses DryVent™ Technology
  • Uses 550 RDS Down Insulation
  • Two zipped hand pockets with additional entry from top under flap
  • Uses breathable, lightweight fabrics

  • Once again, not the cheapest jacket.


There we have it! An answer to the question of are all north face jackets waterproof? As you can see, for the majority of their top sellers, they are indeed waterproof. However, with a demand for more fashionable products that simply dont require being fully waterproof, North Face also provide non-waterproof jackets as well.


Are north face jackets machine washable?

The majority of north face jackets are machine washable. However, there are a few things you need to know before chucking it into the washing machine. Firstly, if the jacket has a Water Repellent Coating, be sure not to wash on a super high heat or use any chemicals that may damage this coating.

Secondly, if your jacket is full of down, make sure that you have not recently damaged the coat in any way, otherwise you may open the washing machine and find feather everywhere!

Which north face jackets are the warmest?

Despite their resolve and millerton jackets being superior in terms of waterproofness, the warmest jackets that North Face create will almost always be their down jackets.

Down jackets will help to regulate your temperature, similar to that of merino wool


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