The Best Sleeping Bag for Big Guys

Best Sleeping Bags for Big Guys!

After a long day of hiking and trudging the tricky trails in the wild, there is nothing like slipping into your sleeping bag to get a deserved rest and recoup your energy for the next day’s adventure. But for big guys, this is easier said than done. Note that most sleeping bags are designed with the average bodied person in mind, so heavily built individuals find it hard to get something they can fit in without feeling cramped up and uncomfortable.

Luckily, some sleeping bag manufacturers are thoughtful enough to realise that there are big-bodied campers who like to explore the outdoors.

It’s not only important as someone who is bigger to find a decent sleeping bag, but also one which is lightweight, as once you add together all of your hiking gear such as trekking poleswaterproof sockscamping knives or even spare trail running shoes, your space will become limited!

To save you the trouble, we took the liberty to perform the due diligence on your behalf, and present to you a review of the best sleeping bag for big guys below!

Essential Sleeping Bag Guide

Before we jump into the review, let us first understand what it takes to find the right type of sleeping bag. If you want to enjoy a good night’s sleep during a camping trip in your cosy tent, a couple of issues should be prioritised as you contemplate between different models the market has to offer.

So, be sure to consider the following during your search:


If you like to go on camping trips with friends and family, then a camping bag will be the best option for you. Camping backpacks are made to provide warmth and comfort during your outdoor stay. Hence, they tend to be bulky, heavy, and well-insulated to keep the cold night breeze at bay. Typically, you’ll have to choose between synthetic or down fill when it comes to the insulation material.


For hikers, a hiking backpack will be more appropriate every time you decide to hit challenging trails. The main features to look at in this case are weight and compressibility.

Remember that you’ll be spending most of the adventure on your feet, so the weight will be your number one enemy. For this reason, hiking bags are designed to be lightweight, highly compressible, and offer a high warmth-to-weight ratio.

Alpine Adventures

If you are passionate about escaping into the rugged mountains whenever you get the urge to interact with Mother Nature, then an expedition/alpine sleeping bag is just what you need. These bags are mainly designed to offer excellent protection in freezing high-altitude temperatures.

They also tend to be lightweight and narrow to reduce their bulkiness and allow you to carry them more easily.

What Type of Insulation Do I Need?

Sleeping bags are built using different types of insulation, and these are engineered to safeguard against various kinds of climate. Generally, you’ll find the following two major types of insulation applied to the sleeping bags available on the market:


This type of insulation features the under features of geese or ducks. It is among the most extravagant forms of insulation out there and tends to be very lightweight.

It also delivers excellent insulating performance in low temperatures and that is why it is mostly preferred in winter sleeping bags.

Down fill is highly compressible and capable of retaining its insulation power. Generally the higher the “loft power” of a sleeping bag, the warmer it will be. For example, a sleeping bag with a lofting power of 850+ will be warmer than one of 200.


The main benefit of synthetic insulation is that it takes a short time to dry when you get it wet. Synthetic materials like polyester are not good absorbers of water, thus dry relatively faster upon exposure to moisture.

Due to this, it is the more apt choice for dry and wet conditions, and used on most summer sleeping bags.

What Type of Shell Material Should I Go for?

The shell of a sleeping bag refers to the outer material used in its construction. These can be made out of a range of fabrics and each comes with distinct properties that will be best suited for certain kinds of situations.

  • Polyester, Nylon, Taffeta – These are very breathable fabrics that are mostly used in mummy bags. They are generally preferred for camping expeditions and come with water-resistant capabilities
  • DryLoft – This is also a breathable and water-resistant material. It is pretty comfortable against the skin and helps to keep dampness or moisture away. DryLoft is mostly used in four-season camping and canoe camping
  • Ripstop Nylon – This fabric falls under the polyester and nylon family. It is woven using heavy threads to deliver sturdy performance against moisture and rainfall. Ripstop makes a great choice for 3-season camping, especially when the conditions are not too damp

What is the Best Shape for a Sleeping Bag?

Sleeping bags are designed in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Depending on the shape of your body, you can find something that fits you just right. The main shapes for sleeping bags are as follows:

Mummy Bags

Mummy sleeping bags feature tapered heads and legs. They align to the contours of your body to result in a snug fit, although this can feel restrictive to some people when zipped up. Generally, they are a good choice for backpackers and those looking for more lightweight/slimline camping gear.

Rectangular Bags

Rectangular bags offer plenty of wriggle room for your hands and legs while sleeping. They boast a multipurpose functionality and can be used as a comforter when unzipped. However, they are slightly bulky and may not be a great choice for hikers and backpackers.

Double Wide

These sleeping bags come with enhanced width and provide you with ample space to accommodate two individuals. They are best suited for couples or families and may be converted to two separate sleeping bags or blankets.

Best Sleeping Bag for Big Guys – Reviews

Teton Sports XXL Sleeping Bag

The Teton Sports XXL sleeping bag is what any big guy needs to feel warm and cozy when the night falls. It provides you with the perfect shelter to slip into after a long and tedious day of exploring the outdoors, taking off your hiking socks and looking forward to an early night.

This sleeping bag is designed with innovative and paired with draft tubes to keep the cold breeze at bay. It also features a double-layer construction to deliver the optimal amount of warmth.

This bag has a rectangular shape, which offers ample space for a big guy to wriggle around in. You won’t find many rectangular sleeping bags with a hood like on the Teton Sports XXL.

The feature not only serves to provide needed support for your head but also keeps the heat within the bag when the weather is chilly. With dimensions of 90” x 39”, the sleeping bag is spacious enough to comfortably house a tall and bulky person.

You won’t have a problem stretching your legs and hands or need to fidget inside to find just the perfect sleeping position. The Teton is highly compressible and packs down small for easy transportation. Its outer shell incorporates tough taffeta material that proves durable down the line.

As such, it a reliable option when camping in rugged environments. Anti-snap zippers, as well as a double-layer offset stitching, help to enhance the shelf life of the bag.

Another great thing about this sleeping is that it comes with a multifunctional design. It can be unzipped completely to serve as a nice comforter that is large enough to cover two average-sized campers.

Overall, the Teton Sports XXL is a reliable camping companion for when you venture into the great outdoors. It is spacious, warm, and sturdy to ensure you get a peaceful rest every time you retire for the day. On the downside, the bag is a little bit bulky and heavy, hence it is not a good choice for hikers and backpackers.


  • Draft tubes
  • Two-way zippers
  • Multipurpose design
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Hood
  • Spacious and warm
  • Strong taffeta shell


  • Heavy and bulky
  • Not good for backpacking

Coleman Big Game Adult Sleeping Bag

Coleman needs no introduction to seasoned outdoor enthusiasts! It is a reputable brand that has been churning out reliable outdoor gear for years.

The Coleman Big Game sleeping bag offers more than enough to keep larger than average campers covered during the winter season.

This is thanks to its -5°F rating, which gives it the ability to offer warmth in temperatures below 0°F. A thermolock feature helps to completely seal off the bag and prevent heat loss from inside.

There’s also a full-length zipper that is surrounded by a draft tube to keep the cold breeze away, ensuring that you remain warm and toasty even when the weather outside is cold.

At 13.75 x 20.33 x 14 inches, this bag is huge and roomy enough to shelter persons as tall as 6’5”. You won’t feel cramped up inside the sleeping, there is plenty of space to spread out for those fidgety snoozers. The bag is machine-washable, which makes for hassle-free maintenance.

The patented zipper used on the bag operates smoothly when you open or close the bag to ensure that you have a comfortable time every time you want to use the Coleman Big Game.

You also get a comfort cuff on the sleeping that surrounds your face to offer additional warmth. Overall, the experience is not too far from your sleeping sessions at home. You’ll also appreciate the roll control system, which solves a common problem with huge bags.

This makes it easy for you to roll the bag and keeps it wrapped up when you roll it up. Furthermore, the package comes with a flannel pillow to deliver a complete sleeping set.

The only problem is that this bag is too heavy to carry on your back when you’re out camping or backpacking. Some customers also claim that it is too bulky to fit inside a domestic washer, meaning you’ll need to take it to the laundry. Other than that, the Coleman Big Game sleeping bag is a spacious and comfortable outdoor gear that you can rely on.


  • Matching flannel pillow
  • 100% cotton fill
  • Patented zipper
  • Roll control system
  • Machine washable
  • Good for tall people


  • Can’t fit inside a home washing machine
  • Heavy

Teton Sports Mammoth Sleeping BagThe Teton Sports Mammoth is a queen-sized sleeping bag meant for large people. It is generously roomy and comes with a slew of features that will ensure your comfort during a camping expedition.

Measuring 94 x 62 inches, the bag is longer than a queen-sized bed. You don’t only need to be big to buy this bag. If you are of average height, you can still cozy up with your spouse or friend.

The Teton Sports also incorporates a compression sack to save you the trouble of rolling up the sleeping bag during storage. You just have to stuff the bag in from the bottom and hold it in place using straps.

A polyester flannel lining on the bag features a SuperLoft elite hollow fibrefill to retain maximum heat and make sure you remain warm and cozy in freezing conditions. You also get offset seams on the Teton Sports that keep the bag from sliding down.

This helps to prevent cold spots in the sleeping bag to guarantee uninterrupted comfort through the night. The flannel lining feels smooth against the skin while the inner is stuffed with 11lbs of SuperLoft elite hollow fiber, helping to trap body heat inside the bag.

Meanwhile, the outer shell is made out of taffeta material, which boats water-resistant properties. As such, the Teton Sports Mammoth is a nice choice for wet camping environments.

Finally, the bag is pretty easy to access. If you’re sharing it with your mate, you can access it without interrupting your friend’s sleep. Three zippers on the bag make it possible to convert it into a comfortable quilt that will cover two individuals comfortably. Alternatively, you may also attach additional sleeping bags using the zippers. The one thing that won’t impress you on this bag is that it’s only hand-washable, so cleaning it can be a demanding process.


  • Compression sack
  • Draft tubes
  • Converts into a quilt
  • Taffeta shell
  • Water-resistant
  • Smooth SuperLoft stuffing


  • Hand wash only

Coleman Biscayne Warm Weather Sleeping Bag

With the Coleman Biscayne Warm Weather, your long search for an affordable sleeping bag will come to a happy ending. This bag was designed to meet all your expectations of a sleeping bag without costing you an arm and a leg.

Although it is slightly smaller than the other models in this review, what it lacks in size it makes up for in design and affordability. The Biscayne is a comfortable option for big guys looking for space and comfort.

It can comfortably accommodate campers as tall as 6’5”. The polyester fabric used in the construction of the bag feels soft against the skin and sets the tone for a soothing night’s sleep after a long day in the tough outdoors.

This bag will offer reliable performance in temperatures as low as 40°F. It comes with a polyester cover, as well as a soft tricot fibre blend lining for enhanced comfort. Additionally, the thermolock feature serves to keep heat inside and make for a warm and cozy night.

A zipper at the bottom of the bag allows for ventilation on warmer nights so that you don’t feel suffocated inside. The Biscayne is rugged enough to cope with mountainous and other tough outdoor conditions. This is thanks to the fiber lock construction, which maintains the insulation down the line after multiple cycles of use. Overall, you can take this bag on all kinds of adventures and rely on it to be a reliable companion.

Packing up the sleeping at the end of the adventure shouldn’t be too much trouble for you. This a credit to the convenient roll control design, which locks the bag’s edges to make for fast rolling with little hassle. This is reinforced with a quick cord system that helps to safely secure the sleeping once rolled up. However, some people have stated that the cord system was defective in the products they purchased.


  • ThermoTech insulation
  • Roll up system
  • Spacious and large
  • Durable construction
  • Soft and cozy
  • Anti-snag zipping


  • Faulty quick cord system

Kelty Tuck 20 Degree Sleeping Bag

If durability is what you’re after, the Kelty Tuck 20 Degree is a compelling contender for the best sleeping bag for big guys. This is to a great extent because of the 75D polyester taffeta fabric used to construct the bag.

It is fairly stronger than other fabrics you can use and delivers a durable performance that maintains the shape of the bag over time. But what’s even better is that the bag is very affordable.

The weight is another impressive aspect of the Kelty Tuck. It only weighs 2lbs and 9oz, which makes it significantly lightweight to fit your hiking adventures.

Furthermore, it also comes with a good profile for a big guys sleeping bag, packing down to 15” x 8”.

This bag is designed with a mummy shape, which incorporates a hood to warm your head when sleeping at night. There’s a quilted and padded liner to enhance your comfort.

Furthermore, a tuck zipper is included to avoid unplanned opening of the sleeping bag. But it’s not all a bed of roses with the Kelty Tuck. For instance, the sleeping bag comes with a temperature limit of 20 degrees F, which is relatively low compared to other products on the market. Other than that, it is one of the shortest bags you can find, and at 78”, so it may feel squeezed for very huge individuals.

Overall, the Kelty Tuck is a high-performance sleeping bag that will stun you with its inexpensive price tag. It boasts a very durable build that stacks up well against the best brands in the market. Not to mention that it is easy to carry when you have to go hiking.


  • Strong 75D polyester taffeta
  • Very cheap
  • Packs down easily
  • Lightweight
  • Comes with a hood


  • Relatively short
  • Not very warm


The wrong size sleeping bag can turn your fun camping rendezvous into an unforgettable nightmare.

This is something that a big-bodied person is likely to experience, considering that most sleeping bag models are built for the average size camper. However, the above review of the best sleeping bag for larger guys recommends to you reliable brands to guarantee you a fulfilling outdoor experience.


Is Goose Down Different from Duck Down?

There is no difference between the goose and duck down used in a sleeping bag. This is because fill power is generally measured in the same way across various animal species. Hence, 700 fill power of goose down offers the same level of insulation as 700 fill power of duck down.

How Can I Insulate My Sleeping Bag?

Try shaking your sleeping bag then let it rest for a few minutes to fluff naturally. Alternatively, you can throw it inside the dryer to catch some warmth. Lastly, you can wear several layers of clothing before you slide into your sleeping bag when the temperatures drop to unbearable levels.

How Do I Maintain My Sleeping Bag?

Proper maintenance is key to getting your sleeping bag to serve you for the long haul. So, you want to adhere to the following maintenance practices:

  • Whenever you want to wash your bag, always prioritise using a commercial-grade automatic washer
  • Never hang the bag to dry, instead lay it down horizontally
  • Make a point of using a camping pad or liner with the sleeping bag to increase its lifespan
  • Remember to air your bag after use
  • Consider spot-cleaning your sleeping bag using a wet piece of cloth and warm water if it’s not extremely dirty
  • Don’t store the bag in its stuffing case for too long


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